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Learn what it takes to get Snatch-ED.

A busy lifestyle with little to no rest, stress and toxic buildup can cause an accumulation of stress hormones to pile up in your mid-section. The most unsavory place, so in this course you will learn what you need to do to reduce and reboot effectively, and thus eliminating belly fat and getting Snatch-ED.

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Remove the Toxins

The best way to remove toxins in your body is to know what they are and what they do. Looking at your day to day habits, food intake and internal body mechanics in this course will give you the knowledge need to be change your body. Over time, these steps will lead to big life changes.

Within Yourself

Freeing your mind of the stress weighing you down is essential to mental peace and calmness.

Rest and retreat

A lack of proper rest and deep sleep prohibits the body from recovering and rebuilding. Thus, this inadequacy causes various health concerns. You will learn how to rest and retreat daily to decrease these risks.

Feeding your deficiency

Planning your day and setting yourself up to choose better nutrient intake and food combinations. Your body craves the nutrients it lacks.

A minimal Lifestyle

Start to reduce the overactive lifestyle which includes those activities that are unhealthy and puts the body in "fight or flight" mode. Learn how to organize your schedule more effectively.

Course Breakdown

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Owning Your Toxicity

Together, we'll talk through and take inventory of the the areas of toxicity in your life.

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The Gut Mind

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that all things come from our center. Learn TCM techniques to keep mental stress at bay and what herbs to balance hormones.

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The Body Mechanics

Walk through the main internal systems that have a major impact on our health and our mid-section. Put your plan in place and learn how to be your own doctor.

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Course Certificate

Your hardwork and dedication to becoming Snatch-ED deserves recognition. Each student will receive a certificate upon completion.

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Virtual Coaching

As a special gift, you will have access to virtual group coaching sessions only available to students.

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Are You Ready?

You'll receive:

Unit 1: Owning Your Toxicity

Unit 2: The Gut Mind

Unit 3: Body Mechanics

Unlimited access to all lessons and quizzes

BONUS #1: Course Certificate

BONUS #2: Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

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About the Instructor

Nice to Meet You!

As a certified personal trainer, martial artist and wellness influencer for over 15 years I am bringing my years of practice to a platform were thousands can benefit. As a graduate of University of Memphis with a degree in Biology and continuing education at Texas Southern University in Pharmaceutical Sciences and now a doctoral student at Quantum University in Naturopathic Medicine, I am bringing my years of education and knowledge and compiling it into a way that anyone can understand and impliment. I hope this course enlightens your path and brings about a major shift in your mind and health.



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